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Lancer Services S. A.

Corporate Policy (Quality Policy)
The actions taken at Lancer Services S.A. - Environmental Consulting are determined
by the sound conviction that economical development is reinforced by a pronounced
awareness of quality and ecological procedures. In terms of regional and ideological
substance, the company aims to transfer knowledge and technology from the West
(Europe) to the East (CIS).

The quality of our work:
The quality of our work is aligned to the criteria of modern service providers and
consultancy services. The focal point here is our obligation towards our customers
to meet requirements for the services, as contracted, professionally and on schedule.

Cooperation and acceptance:
In the interest of diminishing any difficulties in terms of culture, infrastructure, labour
structure and communication, there has to be mutual trust (between the customer and
the employees of Lancer Services) that optimises cooperation and acceptance between
the contracting parties. Awareness can be triggered by the customer for the provision
of data and basic knowledge and company employees can be sensitised to identify with
the project and the customer in the light of finding the optimum solution for problems.
Given this close cooperation between the parties, the customers are able to trace the
progress of the respective project at any time at all.

The mastering of processes and operational procedures:
The mastering of processes and operational procedures guarantees the fulfilment of quality requirements and reduces the incidence of errors or the need for remedies. Our employees
are prepared for their assignments by specific training courses and internal audits. This way,
the employees’ professional knowledge is enhanced in a constantly changing environment.

In the interests of the client:
All employees of Lancer Services bear a high degree of responsibility themselves for the assignments conferred upon them and undertake to apply the defined quality management measures and align their activities to the quality targets specified. Management and employees
are independent of any third party and free from interests in production, trade or deliveries.
They are bound to the respective customer of Lancer Services and maintain due secrecy
towards uninvolved third parties.

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