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Produced Water is the primary waste
generated by the fluid hydrocarbon industry.
In later stages of the oil and gas extraction the
volumetric water-to-oil ratio approaches 50:1.
Additionally, during refining processes the last
traces of water are removed from the oil and
dumped. All this produced water consists of
high proportions of                                
different contaminants                                  
and so no further usage                                 
seems to be possible.  


Many innovations for Produced Water
treatment have been made during the last
years. Nowadays all kinds of contamination
can be eliminated. Hazardous effluents can be
upgraded and reused for other purposes like
irrigation, live-stock watering or drinking water.
The treatment system is chosen according to
                                   the quality of the inflow
                                   and the desired use
                                   of the water.




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