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Aushofferung für die neue Separationsanlage

State-of-art treatment facility by Facet International in operation

Waste water treatment at a refinery
in Baku (Azerbaijan):
This project has been executed by our subsidiary

1. Current waste water treatment processes have been
     investigated. To ensure higher quality of processing water
     various feasible proposals on new equipment have been

2. Project draft has been designed in consultations with possible
     suppliers of equipment, under supervision and in agreement
     with the Client.

3. New treatment facilities of enclosed type have been con-
     structed and mounted upon the design draft approved by
     the Client.

4. Installation, commissioning and equipment testing have
     been finished while the staff was being trained by vendor´s
     specialists. The treatment facilities have been put into
     operation. Most of the outdated equipment was consequently
     taken out of service.

The project is successfully completed in August 2008: a state-of-
the-art cleanup equipment unit manufactured by Facet International
is in operation since. Due to closed-loop processing system existing
harmful environmental impacts have been significantly reduced
whilst purification degree of output processing water is tangibly

Oil-in-water content

Part of the survey: Control of
the variability of the oil-in-water content of the refinery waste water outlet. Here: May to December 2006.

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