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Lancer Services S. A., Projects, Fire

Lancer Services S. A., Projects, Black Sea Terminal

The main focus of our work is to minimize environmental
pollution. This leads to great environmental benefits and
an enhancement of the exploitation, transportation and
consumption of resources as well.
Since October 2007 Lancer Services has been working on
behalf of the Black Sea Terminal Ltd (BST). The BST is the
operator of the oil and oil product transshipment terminal
on the east coast of the Black Sea at Kulevi, Georgia.
Crude oil and refined products from Azerbaijan and middle
Asia are received at the terminal and shipped from the
connecting seaport of Kulevi to all around the world.
The main task of Lancer Services is to provide comprehen-
sive environmental consultation on all internal and external
projects of BST.
This includes the expertise and the reports
as well as the implementation of environmental services as
required by law.
The pioneering work of Lancer Services was, therefore, the
establishment of an environmental management system
based on ISO 14001
working in close cooperation with the
HSE-Department of BST. Since the opening of the terminal
on May 16th 2008 a lot of environmentally beneficial projects
could be launched, due to the liaison between Lancer
Services and Black Sea Terminal.

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