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Lancer Services S. A., air

Atmospheric emissions of greenhouse gases and harmful substances
are released at every stage of oil and gas processing. The following chart
summarizes the major air pollutants released during oil and gas processing
and the major sources of emissions (Source: www.earthworksaction.org).


Certain measures can be taken to prevent atmospheric pollution and the greenhouse
effect. Our company can assist you in achieving an environmentally friendly production
of oil and gas by:

    Installation of modern equipment to reduce the quantity of greenhouse gases
          and to avoid leakage of volatile organic compounds during the oil and gas
          production process and transport

    Optimization of transportation infrastructure to reduce the emission of
          aerosols and greenhouse gases during flaring and venting of natural gas

    Selection of stack filtration systems (flare-gas recovery systems) to decrease
         the waste and minimize the discharge of aerosols and greenhouse gases

    Installation of air pollution control equipment, and continuous monitoring
          systems to control system performance for compliance with the regulatory

    Process optimization and modification in order to reduce emissions into the

    Classification of waste products and utilization in special plants and thus, the
          minimization of the quantity of toxic gases in the atmosphere