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Lancer Services S.A., air, water, earth and fire

Our Solutions
The Oil Industry and the Environment - they CAN fit together.
There are many suitable applications for the reuse of the environmentally damaging wastes that are produced by the oil
and gas industry.
One example is the brine water that is delivered to the surface
during oil or gas production processes. This is a resource that
can be used for irrigation, livestock feeding, or even drinking
water – after sufficient treatment.

LANCER SERVICES is constantly searching for new and ideal
technological and scientific solutions. Since we have been doing
this for years our company can offers plenty of different techni-
ques to fit diverse fields of application. New and difficult tasks
as well as the will to secure a clean environment for us and
the next generation are driving us forward.
Figure 5 shows how we deal with a case. After the overall
analysis of the problem we transfer it onto a local, regional,
and global scale. We hereby combine our knowledge of
microcosms (e.g. waste water treatment by reversal osmosis)
with a larger overview (e.g. locally available energy for waste
water treatment, regional need of the water quality,...). Our
theme is the overall comprehension of a problem or: think
globally and act locally.

Figure5 (on the right side): Logic Chain        
from the Problem to a Solution        

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