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Lancer Services S. A., air,water,earth and fire

The Company
International demands and legal requirements to protect the environment come
increasingly to the forefront when corporate decisions are made. Many companies
have become aware of their responsibilities and have reduced their environmental
impact by implementing specific management decisions.
Lancer Services S.A. Environmental Consulting Frankfurt was founded in 2006
as an international service company. We consult organizations on environmental
management and environmental protection.
Our experts analyze the structure of companies and production processes. Faulty
processes are corrected and bettered by implementing improved control-related
procedures and targeted interventions.
Production residues are detected and evaluated by independant assessors. The aim
is to redevelop the damaged site and its contents and to recycle it. With our key focus
areas of waste disposal and remediation management as well as process optimization,
Lancer Services S.A. provides the client with complete support on all environmental
We focus on improving the ecological and economic situation of our clients based on
ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
We work mainly in the former CIS countries. Here we have already achieved sustained
success by working in close collaboration with regional associated partners and establi-
shing branches, which has boosted our work efficiency.

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